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Three Spaces with Three different Atmospheres.
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Capacity 30-100

Named for what often transpires behind it's door, Shenanigans is home to our private event space. It's held more Weddings, Wakes, Concerts, Plays, Birthdays, Seminars, and Sports Finals than we care to count. With it's own private bar, bathrooms, and full A/V set up, Shenanigans is perfect for almost any event you may have in mind.

The Cottage

Capacity 30

Set just off to the right of our entrance, is a dimly lit room known as "The Cottage." Officially J.C.'s Cottage, named after J.C. Wooloughan, is home to the most bric-a-brac per capita in the pub. Most of the clippings and memorabilia bear the name McMullan's as they are originals or replicas of past trades in the family. The room may only have been here 20 years, but it feels much older than that. The Cottage wasn't built with a short sit in mind.

The Victorian

Capacity 22

Set opposite the main bar from The Cottage is a very red room appropriately nicknamed "The Victorian." Officially named Murphy's Parlour, The Victorian is the more formal looking of the pub's three main dining areas. Here you'll find pictures of the McMullan's family adorning the walls and mantlepiece. It is also home to our exclusive whiskey boxes. Most of which are owned by our oldest and most faithful patrons. The Victorian is a truly beautiful space that has housed many very special evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Minimum or Room Charge?

Yes, we do have a small Room Charge for the work it takes to communicate and coordinate the set up of each event. For any group with 40 or less attendees, $50. Anything larger, $100.

Can I bring a Cake?

Yes! We do charge a cake cutting fee of $15, but we are happy to store and serve your cake. Please make sure to bring your own candles if it's a Birthday!

Slideshows? Microphone? Can I play my own Music?

Yes! For Slideshows, we can either Airplay them or plug in your laptop with an HDMI. We have two wireless Microphones for speeches or songs.

Can I order Buffet style?

Yes! We ask that any group over 35 people orders from the banquet menu. Email us at for our Banquet Menu.